Miniquest: RuneScape Rebuilding Edgeville Uncomplicated & Quick Guide

The short quest RuneScape Rebuilding Edgeville have been released in game, featuring Mandrith enlisting your help to clean up Edgeville right after its attack. From the quest you will get the RuneScape dragonkin lamp, from which you have a chance to receive the Effy furry friend.

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Required items for RuneScape Restructuring Edgeville

You need the pursuing items for RuneScape Reconstructing Edgeville miniquest:
5 bittercap mushrooms: dropped from Cockroach knight.
20 planks
10 oak planks
10 mahogany planks
Molten glass
Marble block: bought in Keldagrim through the Stonemason, or in the Ithell portion of Prifddinas.
100 water runes
Magic watering can (tool belt works)
Start point: Speak to Mandrith RuneScape with Edgeville

RuneScape Rebuilding Edgeville simple & quick guide

1. Get a to-do list after talking with Mandrith RuneScape, and the tasks can be achieved in any order.
2. Head to Aggie’s house which can be north of the Draynor Whole village bank and steal Aggie’s broom (uncharged). Charge it with 100 normal water runes. Then go back for you to Edgeville and sweep some scorch marks in Edgeville.
3. Talk with Jeffery found east in the bank and get Jeffery’s hammer. And then fix this buildings:
House north of the lender
Market stall north in the bank
Broken window on the north side from the bank
Jeffery’s Armoury east from the bank
Guard house
House south east with the river
4. Consecrate or Desecrate the actual burnt skeleton north of the bank.
5. Clean up the fairy ring south of Quercus having five RuneScape Bittercap mushrooms.
6. Clear the piece on the wall and the roof directly southwest from the fairy ring.
7. Nurture four burnt trees. Then go back to help Mandrith for rewards.

Get Effy from RuneScape dragonkin lamp as rewards

You will gain the dragonkin lamp after filling out the Rebuilding Edgeville quest, and have a possible opportunity to unlock the Effy furry friend. It is recommended to invest the experience from RuneScape dragonkin table lamp on expensive or slower skills, such as Prayer, Construction or Herblore.

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